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Vacuclean Company has been on the market since 2005. We are a sales representative for Eastern Europe:

  • Italy based
 Comet   Hydroflex Group
  • German based 



  • the UK based

Comet The Comet Company, being a member of YAMA Group enjoys the leading position in pump producersfor agricultural devices (sprayers). Since 1959 COMET has widened his product range to include high pressure pumps (cam and crankshaft) which are used not only in their own pressure devices production but also in many well known and often met other producers pressure units on the Polish market. Additionally, COMET products an extended range of cold water and hot water pressure washers. The devices are powered by 230V i 400V electric motors. The electric one are air cooled and protected from overheating. The Total System Stop saves energy while the Easy Start enables to start the units in any electric conditions. The washer Hobby and the semi-professional are equipped with aluminum or brass cam pumps. The fully professional devices are equipped with long-life crankshaft pumps of ceramic pistons. Besides the standard equipment including a gun, lance, pressure hose, and water nozzle, additional accessories are available.  
Frank The Frank Company, based near Herborn, means quality of many years’ tradition. It is devoted to designing, production and sales of high pressure washers, dry steam cleaners and car washers with their equipment. Their cleaning units are produced using the CAT and Speck Triplex technology and products. The assortment of high pressure washers includes both heated and non-heated movable units and stationary cold water ones or heated with gas, oil, and electricity. The FRANK products can be equipped with different sorts of control systems, ex. unique in the world system of Telecontrol allowing to choose among different programmes directly on the gun. The production organization system allows for a fast and effective coping with our clients’ demands and not loosing anything as the highest quality is concerned. To meet the customers’ requirements on our offer there are special purpose dry steam high pressure washers with proper equipment. The products of FRANK bring durable benefits to their users. It is not a surprise that some of them have been used for more than twenty years. In our case durability, stability, and easy maintenance are not Word deprived of their meanings.
OsprayDeepCelan OspreyDeepClean is an international provider of steam cleaners. So we offer the largest and the broadest assortment of devices for different industries. OspreyDeepClean strategy is to be a leader in delivering the newest sanitation solutions based of steam technologies and protective coating which are environment friendly and economical. Steam cleaning technology uses high temperature steam and low pressure. It is proved that such technology is effective in fighting both bacteria spread in food and infections typical of health institutions. Doing the steam cleaning at the same time it is possible to remove the remnants with the built-in vacuum or with the help of a microfiber cloth. As a result you get a clean, dry and disinfected surface.

The method of steam cleaning is successfully applied in such industry areas as:

Health Service - fighting infections, staphylococcus and other bacterial strains resistant. These are the most import ant problems in the area of medical and health services. Steam technology has been a subject of independent scientific research seeking antibacterial effectiveness and behaviour in health service field led by University College London Hospitals (UCLH), and also tested by TNO – Dutch Research Institute for Applied Sciences. The method’s effectiveness against strains resistant has been proved sucessfully.
Street Cleaning - aesthetics and cleanness. Chewing gum, leaflets, and graffiti are serious problems in public places. Despite the negative visual effect, the economic and environmental outcomes of the presently applied cleaning methods are also important. Application of GumBuster technologu secures a fast way of removing chewing gum and graffiti. This technology can be applied on each surface including asphalt, concrete, paving blocks, stone and on most floorings and other indoor surfaces. Chewing gum is removed with the help of steam unit using high temperature and underpressure with a special biodegradable cleaning agent and a little amount of water.
Industry - deep cleaning and degreasing at minimum stoppage. Our offer for industry is tailored to meet the highest standards of effective cleaning and degreasing required by the industry users and to secure unparalleled cleaning at any place, at any time, and at almost no machinery downtime. Traditional cleaning by hand is done with the help of dangerous chemical agents which do not comply to any standards. Underpressure generated dry steam dissolves fat in the temperature up to 180°C, kills germs instantly and disinfects ant surface with a single touch.
Úklidové firmy - lepší vizuální efekty čištění v kratším čase. Firmy spravující objekty stojí před permanentní výzvou udržet každý den vysoký standard při použití tradičních metod čištění, přičemž hlavním problémem je vždy nedostatek času k dosažení požadovaného výsledku. Zavedení techniky čištění suchou párou u většiny objednaných prací vám umožní dosahovat a udržet nejvyšší standardy vyžadované vašimi zákazníky na tomto vždy náročném trhu. Použití páry je zákazníky vnímané jako inovativní, úsporná metoda, řešící mnoho problémů s čištěním.
Cleaning Companies - better visual results at short time. Companies being in charge of buildings face a challenge of meeting high standards daily having at their disposal traditional cleaning methods, when the lack of time plays the key role. Introducing dry steam cleaning technique will allow you to reach and keep with the highest standards put forward by your customers. Using steam is regarded by clients as an innovative, time saving, and problem solving method.
Catering food production - keeping the highest standards of cleanness and hygiene. The present catering and food retail facilities have to cope with the everlasting requirement of complying with the highest hygiene standards at the lowest price. The pressure executed by the society and governmental offices, made widely public by the media, strongly focus on the issue of food safety. Sanitary devices by OspreyDeepclean exceed all the statutory demands referring to food hygiene, and better the mentioned facilities own HACCP policies. There are no safer and more effective ways to provide optimal methods of hygienic cleaning than dry steam cleaning technology.
Recreation and hotel trade - first positive impression contributes the business success. To lower the stress level of our hectic style life more and more people are utilizing their work breaks to relax and for fitness. For institutions facilitating these needs to provide the required level of hygiene and secure the best standards is a must. Steam cleaning devices for this purpose are the best on the market. Their multi-functionality can be fund useful at each department starting from the recreation club through the catering area and finishing at utility room. Each time when used they provide the best antigerm protection and clean outlook.

We sell, rent and service pressure devices. Additional we do warranty and postwarranty cleaning device maintenance.

Our main priority is professional and diligent customer service. We value most our potential customers’ satisfaction with our services. Your interest in our offer will be turned into a specially designed project. To get the best knowledge of what is on the offer is to contact us. We are ready to answer your inquiries or we can design special offers for your company.

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